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The Team of the Month recognition is awarded for the amazing work that numerous teams, groups, committees and departments perform either on a regular or occasional basis that directly relates to any of our five cornerstones: People, Quality, Service, Growth and Finance. The Team of the Month is given a luncheon celebration hosted by Alan G. Macdonald, President and Chief Executive Officer; banners listing their team name are featured throughout our facilities; a framed certificate, and the opportunity to present for five minutes at a Leadership meeting.

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Team of the Month: June 2015
Laboratory, Melrose-Wakefield Hospital 

in collaboration with Surgical Services and Labor and Delivery


The recent quick actions of the laboratory staff at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, in collaboration with the surgical services and labor and delivery teams, saved the lives of two critical patients.

The first case involved a patient in an emergent situation who required a significant amount of blood. The patient received more than three times the normal amount of blood products and was stabalized by the teamwork and experienced actions of the blood bank and operating room. 

The second case concerned a patient whose condition became critical quickly. The phlebotomist in the room detected early signs of distress and alerted the blood bank and appropriate staff well before the patient was critical. The initiative and keen awareness enabled both the blood bank and the labor and delivery teams to stabalize the patient. The staff's early preparation allowed the teams to stay ahead of the demands for patient care and contributed to the positive outcome.

This coordination, collaboration and expertise represent a true team effort.



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