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The Employee of the Month recognition is awarded for the amazing work that an employee performs above and beyond their normal work responsibilities, which aligns directly with any of our five cornerstones:  People, Quality, Service, Growth and Finance. The Employee of the Month receives a $50 American Express gift card, $100 from the Medical Staff, an Employee of the Month pin, a framed certificate and parking onsite for the month. Employees of the month are also considered for the Employee of the Year recognition. Employees of the Year are selected by the Rewards & Recognition Committee and receive one week of paid time off and $1,000.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

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Nomination forms for Employee of the Month may also be picked-up in the Human Resources Office at either Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford or Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.

Employee of the Month - Jeff Moccia, Patient Care Technician, Nursing Float Pool, Hallmark Health System

Recently, due to the medical complications a patient was having, staff was assigned to this patient on a one-to-one (and sometimes even a two-to-one) observation. During this timeframe, Jeff was one of the staff members assigned to the patient on a one-to-one basis. He always treated the patient with the utmost respect and compassion. He often didn't take a break and when he did, he would sit close by, out of concern for the patient. After the patient was removed from one-to-one observation, Jeff bumped into the Medical Director for the floor the patient was on who reported that the patient was doing really well. Jeff took it upon himself to visit the unit and in particular the patient.

Jeff sat down and had a very special conversation with the patient and it was very evident that the patient truly appreciated Jeff going out of his way ot make time for him. This brought the Medical Director to tears both because she was thankful that the patient was doing so well and for the compassion Jeff had for his former patient.




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