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The Team of the Month recognition is awarded for the amazing work that numerous teams, groups, committees and departments perform either on a regular or occasional basis that directly relates to any of our five cornerstones: People, Quality, Service, Growth and Finance. The Team of the Month is given a luncheon celebration hosted by Alan G. Macdonald, president and chief executive officer; banners listing their team name are featured throughout our facilities; a framed certificate; and an opportunity to present at a leadership meeting.

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Team of the Month: January 2016
Emergency Departments


During the last year, the department of emergency medicine at Hallmark Health has significantly evaluated and enhanced its structure and processes, resulting in considerable improvements in outcomes and patient satisfaction at both Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford. Staff at both campuses offer the fastest times in the region for emergency care and are continuously praised for the wonderful care they give.

The emergency departments have incorporated a number of process improvements to enhance efficiencies and the quality of care. They have implemented daily huddles to discuss the last 24 hours of operations, morning safety rounds to resolve any equipment issues and a committee to examine patient flow. Patient pain is tracked to ensure patients are being reassessed after an intervention, and staff has collaborated with pharmacy services to establish an improved medication request process.

The emergency departments also use a shared governance structure where changes are presented to staff for feedback prior to final decision making. Monthly unit council and staff meetings allow staff to share ideas on improvements and contribute to enhancing operations and workflows.

From this involvement at all levels of patient care, the departments have implemented new changes to work and patient areas. In order to meet the needs of pediatric patients, the emergency departments developed three new pediatric-themed rooms across both EDs to provide a welcoming and inviting space for children. Staff implemented a new process where a food service representative takes orders for meals for patients that have been in the ED for an extended period of time to provide a unique level of service. Staff has also reorganized rooms and storage to become more cost effective.

Hallmark Health’s emergency departments offer the best in emergency medicine and take pride in continually optimizing everything they do to provide a better experience for patients.



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