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 Brain Building Activities:  Free (or Almost Free) Summer Fun Ideas (Adapted from


Paper Shred:  Babies are thrilled to start developing control over their surroundings and their limbs.  So gather newspapers and let ‘em rip!

Dine al Fresco:  Drag the high chair into the yard or pack the booster for a trip to the park and bon appétit, now you may eat.

Beach Time:  Even if you can’t make it to the park, you can set up a beach party in your own backyard or on your kitchen floor. Lay a piece of newspaper or a tablecloth on the floor and fill a dishpan or other shallow container with sand or corn meal.

Bubble Wrap Stomp/Crawl: Spread out leftover bubble wrap on a hard surface like a wooden floor or driveway and let the dancing begin.


Pudding Paint:  Most kids like to play with their food, and this is the season to let them. First, tape paper to the sidewalk or picnic table.  Prepare instant pudding and add food coloring in your kids’ favorite shades. They can lick their hands clean before you hose them off!

Take Off!:  If your budget doesn’t allow for a plane trip this summer, you can still take kids to your local airport and watch the jets take off.

Take a Hike:  Kids don’t need expensive equipment or the Appalachian Trail to experience the joys of hiking. Just slip on sturdy sneakers and pack water bottles to hit the trail. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, there are probably interesting walks in your own hometown.


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