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Kathy's Corner

Summer is a great time to be outdoors and exploring.  Take walks and see all the flowers, bugs, rocks, and other items along the way.  Make sure to bring a magnifying glass and baggie or plastic container to collect all the “treasures” you will find.  Once you are home you can sort them by color, size, texture.  Count them, trace them, glue them to a piece of paper and write a story about your adventure.  This short walk has taken every aspect of STEM: science, technology, engineering and math into play.  Take time to smell those flowers along the way.  Together We Can Make a Difference in the life of your child.  Peace, Kathy

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Hallmark Health Facebook Page Earns Gold
Tuesday, July 28 2015 13:34
Hallmark Health System recently received a Gold Lamplighter award at the 2015 New England Society...


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