Nursing Services

Nursing Leadership Council

Team Vision

We, the Nursing Leadership team at Hallmark Health, will cultivate and sustain an environment that embraces the forces of magnetism exemplifying nursing and leadership excellence.

Team Mission

We, the Nursing Leadership Team of the Hallmark Health System, integrate the standards of best practices; building upon each other's strengths, fostering collaboration, open communication and critical thinking. We promote professionalism in nursing that is centered on the ideas of caring, safety, quality, diversity, mutual respect and trust. We are committed to autonomy, accountability, lifelong learning, and a passion for excellence.

Team Values and Behaviors




  • Maintain high standard of personal conduct even when pressured to compromise
  • Role model positive behavior
  • Allow others to finish their thoughts
  • Is open and candid with each other about all issues
  • Encourage differing viewpoints and leaves rank at the door


  • If you have something to say, say it and leave it in the room
  • Offer/accept constructive and honest feedback
  • Serve as a coach/mentor


  • Recognize accomplishments
  • Recognize unexpected outcomes as learning opportunities
  • Share the workload
  • Recognize negative stress in peers and help alleviate it
  • Have fun


  • Recognize individual and team contributions
  • Follow through and meet obligations in a timely manner
  • Explore pros and cons of all ideas

Reflective Listening

  • Validate and reframe when in doubt
  • Refrain from sidebar conversations
  • Build consensus
  • Problem solve with peers

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