Patient Portal - Outpatient


Connecting with your doctor’s office is just a click away!


Introducing the Hallmark Health System Patient Portal. 24-hour secure access to your physician’s office from the privacy of your own computer.

Safely and securely:

  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • View your chart: allergies, conditions, medication list, directives, immunizations and select lab results
  • Send secure messages to your doctor or nurse practitioner (select offices)
  • Stop using the phone for routine requests

More functionality to come.

If your physician’s office is on the Patient Portal visit them today to receive your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you have received your PIN complete registration steps to start receiving secure messages from your physician's office.

Click here to access the Patient Portal.

*This portal may not include all of your medical information

Patient Portal Registration Help Line: (781) 338-7200

Hours (to get a live person): Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (voicemail 24/7)  

Patient Registration Help line for:

  • Password/username help
  • Trouble with your PIN or logging in
  • Linking family accounts
  • Questions regarding registration

Call your Doctor’s office for:

  • Questions regarding lab results
  • Communication/messaging issues
  • Medical questions
  • Questions understanding data in your chart


Click on the letter of your physician's last name to determine if your provider is on the Patient Portal.

  A - C      D - F      G - J 

  K - L      M - N     O - R

  S T - Z

A - C


Bath, James, MD Batt, Natalia, MD
Benetti, Richard, MD Bettencourt, Elizabeth, MD
Bhide, Gauri MD Bjork, Stephanie S. MD
Blank, Eugenia MD Blanton, Wanda MD
Bloor, Nicole A., MD, PC Bowman, Curtis, MD
Brincheiro, Francisco J. MD Brooks, Erica L. MD
Butler, Edward, MD Calef, David, MD
Carroll, John M., MD Chawla, Surendra, MD
Chevalier, Cara, MD Cohen, Michael, MD
Conway, Laurence, MD Criss, David , MD

D - F


Dakoyannis, Steven, MD Dickman, Aubrey, MD
Eisenberg, Rebecca L, MD Epstein, Roy, MD
Etheridge, Latoya, MD Fang, Paula, MD
Feldman, Lina, MD Feltin, George, MD
Feygina, Alla, MD Fischer, Edward, MD

G - J

Gilbert, Jason, MD Golzari, Houtan, MD
Hakim, Mohammed, MD Hamilton, Tara J., MD
Holt, Cristina, MD Jevon, Thomas, MD
Jurayj, Daniel, MD  


K - L


Kakkar, Aarti, MD Kaur, Mandy, MD
Kidd, John, MD Krikeles, Martha, MD
Landry, Terese F., MD Lane, Jennifer, MD
LaPlante, Josee, MD Latty, Alexander, MD
Lazich, Svetislav, MD Lee, Leanne, MD
Leung, Christopher, MD Lim, Andrew, MD
Lin, Jennifer, DO Logan, Bernard, MD
Loomer, Megan, MD Lunghar, Gloria MD

M - N


Mathur, Manorama, MD Mazzini, Michael J., MD
McKeough, Paul, MD Michaelson, Ira, MD
Midha, Salil, MD Monteiro, Donald, MD
Moresco, Eleanor P. , MD Moschitto, Lawrence, MD
Moussa-Gabour, Gloria, MD Mudrock, John, MD, FACP
Muenzer, Matthias, MD Mulligan, Christine, MD
Nadelson, Neal, MD Newhall, Kristyn, MD

O - R


O'Connor, Brian, MD Oommen, Roy G., MD
Pennacchio, Joseph, MD Periskic, Sasa, MD
Pirzada, Farouk, MD, FACC, FHRS, FAHA Pladziewicz, David, MD
Price, Michael, MD Raby, Khether, MD
Rao, Yesoda, MD Richman, David, MD
Riffelmacher, Gerald, MD Rombaut, Julie, MD



Samenuk, David, MD, FACC Sandor, Andras, MD, FACS, FASMBS
Schreiber, Eric, MD Schurgin, Sunita, MD
Sen, Ronald, MD Sereno, Patricia, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Serrano, Alfonso, MD Shah, Pramodchandra, MD
Shernoff, Claire, MD Shieh, Kenneth, MD
Shoap, Lester, MD Siegenberg, David, MD
Singh, Kunwar, MD Sinha, Partha, MD
Siu, Matthew, MD Siu-Lai, Pansy, MD
Smikle, Yvonne M., MD  

T - Z


Tee, David, MD Thakkar, Bindiya, MD
Tierney, Timothy, MD Tillmanns, Regine, MD
Tomkins, Parra, MD Tucker, Catherine, MD
Turissini, Carl, MD Wang, Xiaohui MD, Ph.D
Watrous, Bruce, MD Weinstein, Michael, MD, FACP
Weinstein, Robert S., MD Witkowski, Daniel, MD
Wu, Jennifer, MD Yorgancioglu, Candan, MD
Zasloff, Eva, MD

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