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Weight loss surgery is a major surgery and a major decision on your part. In order to provide you with the most up to date information about your surgical options, the preparation, the post-surgical care, the recovery and the long term changes you need to make to assure a successful outcome, an information seminar is mandatory prior to your visit with your surgeon. Information seminars are held monthly.

A comprehensive medical workup is necessary to identify any unsuspected problems that may jeopardize your health during surgery and to precisely assess the severity of the know problems. This involves meeting with a cardiologist, pulmonologist and occasionally an endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. Medical professionals are always on hand at these gatherings to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our comprehensive team includes specially trained nurses, psychologists, dietitians and respiratory therapists to address behavior modifications, psychiatric issues, and post-surgical care. Patients also have access to support group meetings before and after their procedures.

Special comprehensive follow-up care after surgery improves long-term outcomes and minimizes complications; that's where nursing plays a special role. A specially trained group of nurses are the cornerstone to helping patients recover faster and ultimately achieve success after bariatric surgery.

Through special training with the bariatric surgeons, nurses have been taught to deal with all aspects of behavior modification, psychiatric issues, post-operative care and support as it relates to the care of bariatric surgery patients. Nurses have attended special training classes and have also participated in the support group that offers a caring ear to patients before and after surgery.

From the moment the patient awakes from surgery, the nurse is the key person in the team of healthcare professionals who will care for the patient. Becoming ambulatory immediately coupled with strict diet reinforcement and behavior modification are the keys to bariatric surgery recovery.

Modifying your behavior towards diet is challenging for anyone. But for bariatric surgery patients it's critical to recovery from the surgery as well as to overall weight loss success.

While most patients do not experience any major complications it is important to recognize and treat them early. Nurses are specially trained to assist in any problems that may arise from bariatric surgery.

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