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Melrose-Wakefield Emergency Department


I had to send an email to compliment and rave about your entire ER group at Melrose Wakefield.
My husband Michael and I took our 20 month old daughter Estella Doherty to your ER Thursday evening 11/3/11 at about 11pm because she was having trouble breathing after being sick with a bad cough and congested for two days.

We were told by the on call nurse at our pediatrician’s office at Hallmark Health in Reading to take her to ER based on the symptoms described to her.  We were extremely upset and worried as it was our first time taking her to the ER and immediately we were taken to a room and had at least 5-6 different nurses and specialists that were on duty look at her and thoroughly examine her.

We were not only impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff but also how warm and caring everyone was.  From the security people to the orderlies, nurses and doctors.  We were blown away.

What could have been a horrible experience became bearable and even pleasant and at the end they even gave her  stickers and a teddy bear made of scrubs. She still has this bear and plays with it all the time.
Thanks so much to your staff.
I had to take a moment to send this.

Oldita and Michael Doherty

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