Patient Success Stories

“Melrose-Wakefield Hospital understands what it takes to care for people.”

Peabody resident John Kelley, 47, has done his best to live a healthy lifestyle – regularly working out and eating a balanced diet. Still, when chest pains took over his body this past August as he was leaving the gym, John knew the pain he was experiencing was not normal and quickly made his way to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.

Upon arrival staff in the hospital’s Emergency Department immediately recognized signs and symptoms of a heart attack and quickly moved John to the Cardiac & Endovascular Center. There Khether Raby, MD, one of the center’s interventional cardiologists, implanted a stent which holds open blocked arteries and improves blood flow to the heart muscle into John’s body.

John said the physicians, nurses and support staff excelled in every aspect of his care from the time he entered the Emergency Department to the time he was discharged. He said there was never any doubt he was receiving the very best care available. He is confident he made the right choice by coming to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.

John feels fortunate to have the Cardiac & Endovascular Center and its experienced and talented medical and nursing staff so close to home, adding he would recommend the community hospital to family and friends without hesitation.

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital understands what it takes to care for people,” he said. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Just a few months after his heart attack, John said he feels “tremendous” and is slowly but surely making his way back. He attends cardiac rehabilitation sessions at the hospital three times a week and is back working out at the gym.

John said if it wasn’t for the Cardiac & Endovascular Center at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital he doesn’t know where he would be today. “I have a young son and I don’t want to leave him, I want to see him grow,” he said. “The Cardiac & Endovascular Center at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital gave me back that opportunity.”

Dr. Raby said Mr. Kelley’s case is a classic example of why it is absolutely critical to have an advanced cardiac and endovascular center in the community. Dr. Raby said unclogging a blocked artery as quickly as possible is imperative. He said getting patients treated sooner ensures salvation of the heart muscle and improves patient outcomes overall.

Raby said every minute that passes without treatment increases the likelihood that a patient’s heart muscle will be damaged. He said having the Cardiac & Endovascular Center at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital so close to home allows patients to be treated more quickly and efficiently.

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