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Safety Counts! Vol. 3., No. 8 September/October 2015


Flu season preparedness is underway

Hallmark Health System has launched its annual mandatory vaccination campaign. All employees, contract employees, physicians, students, volunteers or othersfluphoto who work at a Hallmark Health site or provide a Hallmark Health service are required to get a flu vaccine. Those who cannot comply (for medical or religious reasons, for example) must wear a mask at work if they come into contact with others.

As in previous years, members of the infection control team have organized flu clinics that began October 1. Staff can drop in for their flu shots
on day shifts; for other shifts, evening and night supervisors administer vaccinations. Offsite locations also will be covered and inpatients will be
vaccinated as well. The campaign runs through November 8. “We want to safeguard everyone,” said Michelle Corrado, PharmD, MHA, system director of pharmacy services. “The two best things we at Hallmark Health can do to protect our patients during flu season are getting vaccinated and practicing perfect hand hygiene.”

Last year, staff at both Hallmark Health hospitals achieved vaccination rates above 90 percent, while the state aggregate percentage reached 86
percent. “Our goal this year is 95 percent,” said Corrado.

About the 2015-16 flu vaccine
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all of the 2015-16 influenza vaccine is being made to protect against the three kinds of flu viruses that most commonly circulate among people today: influenza A
(H1N1) viruses, influenza A (H3N2) viruses and influenza B viruses. Hallmark Health will be using this trivalent vaccine. New this year is that “we will be making available a high-dose version of the vaccine to staff
and volunteers who are 65 and over,” said Corrado.


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