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'SafetyCounts' one year later

Last year, Hallmark Health System (HHS) kicked off a broad “SafetyCounts” campaign to support and communicate our mutual and ongoing commitment to patient safety. Building on a solid foundation in patient safety and quality and our track record of results, we are seeking to bring patient safety to the next level. Patient safety is a major HHS initiative and is strongly supported by the HHS Board of Trustees and CEO Mike Sack.
One way we’ve tried to do this is through establishing a Culture of Safety Leadership Committee (we are listed on the back page) comprising HHS leaders whose work is rooted in safety and quality. Our goal is to organize and coordinate the many efforts underway to improve patient safety and promote a culture of safety in which everyone is engaged in thinking and talking about ways to improve care and keep patients, visitors and staff safe.
Our most visible “product” has been this newsletter. In the past year, we’ve written about everything from RMPro and preventing falls to handwashing and “bystander apathy.” Each issue includes a case study in which we present a potential patient safety issue that was recognized, reported and remedied at HHS.
We’ve also championed a number of other initiatives, including: 
1. a 2014 “Lunch and Learn” series focused on patient safety
2. revising the employee standards of behavior to place safety at the top
3. a patient safety-themed Hallmark Health Cornerstone Academy featuring airline safety guru John Nance.
While much has been accomplished, we have much more to do. We know that communication plays a major role in the delivery of safe and reliable health care; we hope that this theme will continue in the coming year. And we are always looking for your feedback about what we can do together to improve patient safety across our organization.

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