Preparing for flu vaccine

Although experts can’t predict the severity of the upcoming 2014-15 flu season, Hallmark Health System is preparing for its annual mandatory vaccination campaign. All employees, contract employees, physicians, students, volunteers or others who work at an HHS site or provide an HHS service are required to get a flu vaccine. Those who cannot comply (e.g., for medical or religious reasons) are required to wear a mask at work if they come into contact with others.

This year, infection control staff will be hosting a “Flu Prevention Week” in early fall. Dates and times are to be determined, as HHS doesn’t yet have its allotment of vaccine. “Our plan is to vaccinate as many HHS-affiliated people as possible during the clinics we set up for the week,” said Michelle Corrado, PharmD, MHA, interim executive director of Clinical Services. “We want to focus on getting everyone vaccinated in a short timeframe so we can ensure that our people and our patients are protected.”

HHS staff have been exemplary in participating in flu vaccinations in recent years. “Five years ago, our employee vaccination rate was 53 percent, and last year it was 92 percent,” she added.

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