'Lunch and Learn' series zeroes in on safety

Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm is a 50-minute documentary film hosted and narrated by actor Dennis Quaid, whose newborn twins nearly died in 2007 from a medication error. The
film supports a call to action for health care leaders to create systems that protect patient safety.lunchlearnpg 2T 800x600

Chasing Zero is also the foundation for a special 2014 Lunch and Learn series at Hallmark Health System (HHS) focused on patient safety. “This is the first Lunch and Learn series developed for front-line
staff,” said Johna Wasdyke, HHS director of Human Resources. “The film was part of our Cornerstone Academy for managers back in the fall and attendees felt strongly that it’s something everyone should
see.” (A DVD copy is available from Wasdyke for use at departmental meetings.)

Target attendance for each session is 20 staff members. “We know how difficult it is for front-line staff to leave the floor during their shifts,” she added, “but we had several at the first session whose supervisors encouraged them to take the time to come.”

The safety-focused series capitalizes on separate modules that are part of the Chasing Zero educational package. The first session, held in February, screened the documentary itself. Subsequent
modules consist of a short video followed by open discussion facilitated by an HHS staff member. These videos, like the main documentary, contain personal stories of staff who have made mistakes and
families of patients to whom harm was done from medical errors.

“These modules contain stories that really resonate with all those who interact with patients,” said Wasdyke. “Storytelling is a very powerful way to remind us of the importance of safety practices and helps us see patient safety as a set of tools rather than rules.”


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