Intensive Outpatient Program at Community Counseling Services

A specialized program within Community Counseling Services, The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) bridges the gap between inpatient and traditional outpatient therapies. It offers intensive, time-limited, outpatient psychiatric services to patients living in the community.

The IOP meets the needs of individuals who require less than 24-hour care, but who need more comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment than can reasonably be provided in a traditional outpatient setting. The IOP runs separate, specialized programs for adults and older adults.

Our Services

The IOP offers a full range of services that address the psychological, biological, and social aspects of the client's illness. We offer:

•    •  Individual and intensive assessment
•    •  Medication consultation and evaluation as needed
•    •  Treatment with group, family, and individual psychotherapy
•    •  Individualized treatment planning and scheduling
•    •  Support in discharge planning

At the time of the initial evaluation, the IOP staff works with the client to determine the individualized treatment plan and schedule. On average, the commitment is three half-day sessions a week for approximately two to three weeks. Length of stay is always determined by individualized needs and response to treatment.

Our Approach

The IOP team uses a team approach to treatment. The team includes the client, social workers, advanced practice nurses and psychiatrists. The multidisciplinary team brings its expertise to bear in developing an individualized treatment plan. Treatment goals are set with patient participation and progress is monitored on a daily basis. The primary goal of treatment is to restore the patient's overall well-being and ability to function effectively in the home and community.

Advantages of the IOP:

•  Can avoid inpatient hospitalization 

The IOP can be an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. Patients in crisis can be diverted to participate in the IOP and avoid the potential need for hospitalization.

•    Shorten hospital stay

The IOP can also act as a step-down program for hospitalized inpatients. It is an effective mechanism for shortening inpatient length of stay. Patients with a stable home environment and adequate supports can be discharged earlier to the IOP and can avoid lengthier hospitalizations.

•    Can provide urgent access to psychiatric care

The IOP can offer patients a rapid alternative to traditional outpatient care when the need is urgent and waiting for an outpatient appointment is not clinically appropriate.

  IOP Patient Information

  IOP Referral Information


Community Counseling Services
200 Governors Avenue, Ground Floor
Medford, MA 02155

To make a referral please call 781-306-6155 and select "Option 3 for Intensive Outpatient Program."

During off-shift hours please fax clinical information to 781-306-6285 and a clinician will follow up the next business day.

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