Osteoporosis Tips

It is never to late to stop bone loss. A few simple steps can prevent or slow down osteoporosis:

  • Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D (your doctor should provide the correct dosage). People can get these nutrients through food, but if diet does not provide enough, patients should speak to their healthcare provider about vitamin and mineral supplements, or visit our Nutrition Services.
  • Get regular physical activity: the more a body makes bones and muscles work, the stronger they get. Weight-bearing activities, such as walking and stair climbing, help build muscles in the feet and legs. Use of any kind of weight - hand or ankle weights, soup cans, weight machines, or plastic bottles filled with sand - strengthens muscles and bones. Balance and posture are important to keep people standing straight and reduce the risk of falling. Dancing, Yoga, and Tai Chi are examples of safe activities that help with balance and posture.
  • Protect yourself from falls: reduce the leading cause of broken bones by wearing low-heeled, rubber soled shoes, install railings on both sides of stairways, avoid scatter rugs, remove loose wires and cords, and keeping hallways, stairs, and room entrances well lit. In the kitchen, use non-skid wax on floors, wipe up spills immediately, and use a sturdy step stool to reach cabinets. In the bathroom, use no-skid mats and a sturdy grab bar in the bathtub and shower.

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