Women and Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women throughout the world, and Hallmark Health’s Women and Heart Disease program is in a position to help impact the health and well-being of women.

As a result of Hallmark Health’s position and drive, a collaborative leadership effort has begun within our women’s and cardiovascular service lines to develop a program that would incorporate expertise from both areas. This expertise will address the growing need for gender focused care delivery and it will directly enhance Hallmark Health’s mission to provide the highest quality health care in a community-based setting to Boston's northern suburbs.

Take a moment to view our Health Minute video with cardiologist, Dr. Erica Brooks. Dr. Brooks discusses heart disease and, in particular, heart disease among women. She details risk factors, symptoms, treatments and information on blood pressure and cholesterol.

The key elements and the mission of the women and heart disease program have been identified as: Education and Service. Each of these key elements plays a role in improving the health outcomes of women in our area. 


Despite the fact one in five American women are currently living with heart disease, many women are unaware or inadequately informed of their risk factors and the possible impact of cardiovascular disease.

The inadequate and/or outdated knowledge base is not limited to the general populations; it may in fact affect health care providers, where only one in five physicians know that heart disease is the number one killer of women. As a result, the women and heart disease program at Hallmark Health will address education from two aspects, community and provider.


The community education will involve ongoing and interactive education sessions service area. These sessions will be catered to the audiences being addressed (typically age group focused) and they will feature lectures, seminars, cable TV talks, and roundtable discussions by Hallmark Health’s cardiology physicians, cardiac rehabilitation staff, and cardiac and endovascular staff.

The education sessions will have a strong emphasis on how individuals can improve their health and outcomes. They will take place monthly with a variety of organizations and groups. If you are interested in having our team come out and talk to your group or organization, please contact the Cardiac & Endovascular Center at 781-979-3999. We will be happy to schedule a time to visit your group or organization.


Many of the women who may already have cardiovascular disease or who are at serious risk for cardiovascular disease may not actively seek appointments to evaluate their risk factors or disease progression due to extremely busy schedules, fear, or other unknown reasons.

Therefore, this program will make a strong commitment to provide free screenings in easily accessible areas throughout the communities. These screening efforts include evaluations of key elements such as PVD screening, heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol. At the conclusion of the screenings, each woman will receive a brief counseling with a nurse or physician.



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