The Employee of the Month recognition is awarded for the amazing work that an employee performs above and beyond their normal work responsibilities, which aligns directly with any of our five cornerstones:  People, Quality, Service, Growth and Finance. The Employee of the Month receives a $50 American Express gift card, $100 from the Medical Staff, an Employee of the Month pin, a framed certificate and parking onsite for the month. Employees of the month are also considered for the Employee of the Year recognition. Employees of the Year are selected by the Rewards & Recognition Committee and receive one week of paid time off and $1,000. 

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Nomination forms for Employee of the Month may also be picked up in the Human Resources office at either Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford or Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.

Employee of the Month: October 2016

Louise de la Torre, Medical Assistant

Louise, who is known only as “Chickie,” radiates with positivity. It uplifts everyone she works with. As a medical assistant for an extremely busy clinic with three internal medicine physician practices, Chickie knows how to be efficient, effective and enjoy her work and colleagues.

Chickie will do anything to ensure the services delivered to our patients are top notch. She takes the time to make sure patients understand their care instructions and supports physician communication by coordinating consult letters to specialists. She is kind and caring and is a role model for her peers. She has walked patients to their cars if they aren’t sure where to go and has even stayed on the phone with patients in an emergency when they needed to wait for 911 services instead of coming into the office.

Chickie was instrumental in the practice successfully achieving level 3 patient-centered medical home recognition. She managed the proactive outreach and monitoring of diabetes patients with diligence, leading to measured improvements in patient outcomes. The program’s success was key to meeting the patient-centered medical home standards.

Chickie never forgets a holiday or birthday and draws people together with celebratory lunches she often cooks herself. She brings a refreshing balance of hard work and enjoyment to her team.




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