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The Team of the Month recognition is awarded for the amazing work that numerous teams, groups, committees and departments perform either on a regular or occasional basis that directly relates to any of our five cornerstones: People, Quality, Service, Growth and Finance.

The Team of the Month is given a luncheon celebration hosted by Alan G. Macdonald, president and chief executive officer; banners listing their team name are featured throughout our facilities; a framed certificate; and an opportunity to present at a leadership meeting.

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Team of the Month: May 2017

eCQM Submission Team

The health care industry is shifting toward a value-based reimbursement structure and away from direct fees for services. One aspect of the shift is the use of electronically submitted clinical quality measures instead of data from medical record documentation. An eCQM is an electronic Clinical Quality Measure for ambulatory and inpatient hospital quality reporting programs that is used to evaluate a provider or organization’s performance. These measures are also used for the new value-based reimbursement structure.

In 2016, a new method of reporting eCQM quality data was required. The process is more complicated and required collaboration across multiple departments to implement. We assembled a team made up of representatives from quality, IT, medical records, and others to devise a process to reliably report the necessary data.

The eCQM submission team worked with collaboration, teamwork, diligence, problem solving, and quickness to implement a new way of exporting, formatting, and reporting eCQM data. Thanks to their skills and commitment, we successfully submitted the new eCQM requirements to the reimbursement program. The great work of this team will allow Hallmark Health to continue to build on this success, stay up-to-date with changes to reporting and reimbursement standards, and submit additional measures required this year and in the future.



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