The Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Hallmark Health 
Located at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
585 Lebanon St., Melrose


hyperbaric_chamberresizedThe Center’s multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled physicians, nurses and specialists will help patients get their lives back by concentrating on non-healing wounds — those that have resisted healing after months and even years of traditional treatment.


The Center will offer treatment on an outpatient basis and contains dedicated exam and treatment rooms and two hyperbaric oxygen chambers. These enclosed Plexiglas chambers, built with the patient’s comfort in mind, allow patients to breathe 100 percent oxygen that promotes maximized healing. The non-invasive, painless treatment enhances the body’s natural healing capabilities, strengthens the immune system and promotes rapid recoveries. The high level of concentrated oxygen accelerates cell growth and creates healing where skin has not reproduced in years.

dr serrano - resizedThere is a tremendous need for these treatments in this region,” explains Alfonso Serrano, MD, a board-certified general and vascular surgeon with decades of experience who serves as medical director for the new Center. “There are a large number of diabetic patients and patients who have bad arteries or veins who have become very discouraged with chronic wounds that do not heal. These patients desperately need and should greatly benefit from this highly specialized care.”

Roughly 15 percent of all diabetics have problems with healing and can benefit from hyperbaric treatments. Statistics show that 85 percent of diabetic patients facing amputation who choose hyperbaric medicine avoid the amputation, their wounds heal and they go on to lead higher quality, more productive lives.

The treatment can also be beneficial in healing internal organs in cancer patients. Hyperbaric therapy promotes growth to these regions, enhancing healing with new tissue while restoring pliability and relieving discomfort.

With two hyperbaric chambers, Hallmark Health System has the most advanced wound care program in the region.

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