Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Hallmark Health System has been providing state-of-the-art technology and quality MRI services to area patients since 1989.  

We offer two locations:

  • •   Stoneham
  • •   Melrose-Wakefield Hospital

Both locations have been designed with patient comfort in mind.

mriresizeAll Hallmark Health MRI Scanners are accredited by ACR (American College of Radiology) this demonstrates our compliance to stringent quality measures.

Hallmark Health’s two magnets offer impressive image quality, fast scan imaging and MR Angiography utilizing the latest MRI technology. Hallmark is committed to providing excellence of images, interpretation and services. They have earned a reputation with our referring physicians and our patients for our clinical accuracy and our patient friendly service.

Hallmark’s imaging centers were designed to provide its users with outstanding “downtown” medical expertise in convenient community settings.  

The staff makes the real difference. Their commitment, caring, and expertise are vital components of the quality care.  Their mission is to be responsive and flexible to assure access to service for the community, and timely results to referring physicians and their patients.

Full time, board-certified radiologists are located onsite at both the Stoneham and Melrose locations.

What is MRI?
Since its introduction in the early 1980’s, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has emerged as an imaging technology that is excellent for diagnosing conditions of the brain, spine, knees, etc., with technology that is continually changing.  MRI is a unique procedure that does not use radiation, but uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to look inside the human body.mri-2711 no back

Typically a MRI exam takes 20-30 minutes. It is a painless procedure which offers your physician unprecedented detailed images of the human body without using ionizing radiation (x-rays).

Claustrophobic Patients 

Anyone concerned about the exam is welcome to come by our Stoneham imaging center prior to his or her exam in order the view the magnets and to speak with our staff.

Types of MRI Exams:
•    Breast
•    Brain
•    Cervical Spine
•    Thoracic Spine
•    Lumbar Spine
•    Shoulder
•    Elbow
•    Wrist
•    Knee
•    Liver
•    MRCP
•    Pelvis

Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)
•    Brain and Carotid MRA
•    Renal MRA
•    Lower Extremity MRA

MR Arthrograms:
•    Knee
•    Hip
•    Wrist
•    Shoulder
•    Elbow

Who may not have an MRI scan?
Most patients with joint replacements or other orthopedic hardware do not present a problem and still can have an MRI exam.  However, because MRI uses powerful magnetic fields, some patients may be excluded from having an MRI.

If you have any questions regarding implants/metal please call the center at 781-279-2213.

If any of the following conditions exist, please notify us before your exam:
•    Cardiac pacemaker
•    Cerebral Aneurysm clips
•    Cochlear implants
•    Implanted insulin or chemotherapy pumps
•    Implanted Neuro-stimulator devices
•    Pregnancy
•    Heart valve replacements
•    Other prosthetic devices
•    Metal fragments in the eye


CHEM Center for MRI
48 Montvale Avenue
Stoneham, MA  02180

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
585 Lebanon Street
Melrose, MA 02176

To schedule an appointment, or to answer any questions please call 781-279-2213

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