Special Programs and Projects

Donors may choose to direct their gift to any program, project, department, or division at Hallmark Health that holds special meaning for them. Examples include patient care and family support programs, research projects, capital projects, educational initiatives and the work of individual physicians. To obtain information on how to make a gift that supports special programs and projects at Hallmark, please contact the Development Office.

Naming opportunities

Special named funds

Donors are often interested in establishing a specially named fund in honor of or in memory of an individual or family. In other cases, donors will establish a fund in their own names as a cardio bikedemonstration of their commitment to Hallmark. Named funds can be established as permanent endowments or as expendable, current use accounts that will be replenished by future giving.

Specially named funds can support a specific purpose such as patient care, research or educational program or an individual department or division, or can be made unrestricted to be used where most needed. Hallmark's Development Office is happy to work with donors to establish special named funds, either permanent endowments or current use, that support the area or program within Hallmark that holds the greatest meaning for the donor.

Named endowment funds

Named endowment funds provide a permanent bond between the person or family being honored at Hallmark Health. Through a named endowment fund the donor makes a contribution to Hallmark Health, which is carefully managed and preserved in perpetuity to provide, in the name of the person or family being honored, annual income to support an area of Hallmark Health that has been selected by the donor. The minimum to establish a named endowment fund is $25,000. Additional gifts may be made at any time. Many donors will create a bequest or make a life income gift to add to the named endowment fund they created.

Named current use funds

Named current use funds also provide an opportunity for donors to fund, in the name of an individual or family, the work of an area of Hallmark Health that has been selected by the donor. This type of fund differs from an endowment fund in that both the income and the principal of the fund are available for immediate use. The minimum to establish a named current use fund is $5,000. Additional gifts may be made at any time. Donors often add to named current use fund by making gifts to mark special occasions, or through fundraising events.

Capital naming opportunities

Important capital naming opportunities exist throughout Hallmark Health to recognize donors who supports Hallmark Health's capital needs. Donors may choose to name an area that holds special meaning for them in their own names as a demonstration to their commitment to Hallmark Health, or they may choose to name an area in honor or in memory of an individual or family. Capital naming opportunities begin at $10,000. For additional information please contact the Hallmark Health Development Office.

Donor Recognition Societies

The Hallmark Health Associates, Lawrence Associates and Melrose-Wakefield Associates

Established to recognize and honor those friends who show their commitment through annual leadership gifts.

The Fellow’s Club:


Annual Gifts of $5,000 or more

The Chairman’s Club:


Annual Gifts of $2,000 to $4,999

The President’s Club:


Annual Gifts of $1,000 to $1,999

The 500 Club:


Annual Gifts of $500 to $999



Annual Gifts of $350 to $499



Annual Gifts of $200 to $349

Cook-Guillow Society

Named in memory of Melissa J. Cook, RN, and Gertrude H. Guillow, the Cook-Guillow Society recognizes those with $10,000 or more lifetime giving to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. Melissa Cook served as superintendent of MWH from 1912 to 1946. Gertrude Guillow, who served as a Trustee of MWH from 1960 to 1978, gave generously in support of the hospital in memory of her husband, Paul K. Guillow.

Hallmark Leadership Society

The Hallmark Leadership Society is an honorary society recently founded to recognize individual donors who have included Hallmark Health or one of its affiliates in their estate planning through a will, trust, life-income gift, or other planned gift.

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