A surgical opening in the abdomen connected to the small intestine to allow stool to be emptied into a collection bag.

Immunity (Immune system)

The body's ability to fight infection and disease.


Weakening of the immune system that causes a lowered ability to fight infection and disease.


The artificial stimulation of the body's immune system to treat disease.


Inability to hold urine in the bladder. May be a result of radiation therapy, surgical procedure of the prostate, or the disease process.


The leaking of fluid or medicines into tissues, which can cause swelling.

Informed consent

Consent given by a patient after learning about and understanding fully the purpose and other aspects of a clinical trial or procedure.


Delivering fluids or medications into the bloodstream over a period of time.

Infusion pump

A device that delivers measured amounts of fluids or medications into the bloodstream over a period of time.


Pushing a medication into the body with the use of a syringe and needle.


A naturally produced chemical released by the body in response to viral infections. Interferon can be artificially produced and used as a form of immunotherapy.


A protein substance in the blood that helps the body's immune system fight infection and cancer.

Intramuscular (IM) injection

Into the muscle.

Intravenous (IV) injection

Into the vein.



The surgical removal of the larynx, partially or completely


A lump or abscess that may be caused by injury or disease, such as cancer.


Cancer of the blood. Certain types of white cells may be produced in excessive amounts and are unable to work properly.


White blood cells.


Deficiency of white blood cells.

Linear Accelerator

A machine which creates high energy radiation to treat cancers, using electricity to form a fast moving stream of subatomic particles.


A surgical procedure in which a section of the breast is removed.

Lymph nodes

Hundreds of small oval bodies that contain lymph. Lymph nodes act as our first line of defense against infections and cancer.


A procedure in which lymph nodes are taken from the body for purposes of diagnosing or staging cancer.


A test to look at the flow of the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic system

A network that includes lymph nodes, lymph, and lymph vessels that serves as a filtering system for the blood.


Swelling either from obstructed cancerous lymph nodes or from surgically removed lymph nodes.


A type of white cells that kill viruses and defend against the invasion of foreign material.


Cancer of the lymphatic system. Include Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Lytic lesion

As seen on X-rays, rarefied areas of bone that have been the site of destruction by cancer cells.

Malignant tumor
Cancerous tumors.

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