Testicular self-examination (TSE)

A simple manual self-examination of the testes.


A male sex hormone produced by the testicles with a small amount produced by adrenal glands. It is associated with the activity and growth of the prostate gland and other sex organs.

Thoracentesis (Pleural tap)

A procedure to remove fluids from the area between the two layers (pleura) covering the lung.


An abnormally low number of platelets. (thrombocytes). This condition may indicate the risk of bleeding.


A surgical opening through the trachea in the neck to provide an artificial airway.

Treatment Planning, Radiation

The process of localizing the tumor volume and planning the course of radiation therapy.

Treatment Port or Field

The place on the body where one of the radiation beams is aimed in radiation therapy.


An abnormal overgrowth of cells, either benign or malignant.

Tumor flare

Usually used for patient with prostate cancer who are treated with LHRH. LHRH may temporarily stimulate tumor growth and symptoms. To prevent this, doctors usually recommend taking the antiandrogen flutamide every 8 hours beginning at least two days before the first Lupron or Zoladex injection.


Ultrasound examination

The use of high frequency sound waves to aid in diagnosis.


The tube that carries urine from each kidney to bladder.


A surgical procedure consisting of cutting the ureters from the bladder and connecting them to an opening on the abdomen, allowing urine to flow into a collection bag.


A doctor who specializes in diseases of the urinary and sex organs of humans.

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