Gleason score

A subjective method of measuring the differentiation of cells to classify tumors by their microscopic appearance and how aggressively cell of prostate cancer may multiply. The lowest score is 2 and the highest score is 10.


A type of white cell that kills bacteria.


A measure of absorbed radiation dose; 1 Gray (Gy)=100 Rads

Guaiac test

A test that checks for hidden blood in the stool.


A tender enlargement of the breasts in male patients.


Hematocrit (Hct)

The percentage of red cells in the blood. A low hematocrit measurement indicates anemia.


A doctor who specializes in the problems of blood and bone marrow.


The science that studies the blood.


Blood in the urine.

Hemoccult (Guaiac) test

A test that checks for hidden blood in the stool.

Herpes simplex

The most common virus that causes sores often seen around the mouth, commonly called cold sores. Herpes zoster
Avirus that settles around certain nerves causing blisters, swelling, and pain. This condition is also called shingles.

Hodgkin's Disease

A cancer that affects the lymph nodes.


The use of medication or surgery to prevent cancer cells from getting the hormones needed to grow.


A concept of supportive care to meet the special needs of patients and family during the terminal stages of illness. The care may be delivered in the home or hospital by a specially trained team of professionals.

Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

The virus that causes AIDS.

Human leukocyte antigen test (HLA)

A special blood test used to match a blood or bone marrow donor to a recipient for transfusion or transplant


The intravenous administration of a highly nutritious solution.

Hyperfractionated Radiation Therapy

Division of the total daily dose of radiation into smaller fractions which are given more than once (usually twice) a day.

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