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Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice is honored to offer hospice services for patients with life-limiting illness and their families. At Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice, we provide care, comfort, compassion, and dignity to those we service. Our mission is to enable patients to live as well as they can when life expectancy is limited.

The hospice staff works closely with patients, families, and primary care physicians to define how patients define quality of life. Together, we put in place customized plans of care which strive to provide that quality of life for each patient’s individual journey. We respect and value patients’ beliefs and do everything possible to ensure patients’ desires are honored.

Hospice is not a place but rather a way of caring for and about patients and families. Through our hospice team, Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice provides a support system of medical, social, psychological, and spiritual services that promote dignity and affirm quality of life, no matter where patients call home- a private home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living community.

Hallmark Health Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice provides support throughout patients’ journeys and bereavement support for loved ones for a year or more afterward. Hospice is a federal-funded program and most private insurances and Mass Health plans provide some hospice provision. As an organization, which is committed to the communities we serve and deeply believes in the value hospice brings to patients and families, patients who qualify for hospice will not be turned away for care.


Quality of life- Advanced care planning conversations are important so that families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals know what your healthcare wishes and decisions are for your personal medical situation. It’s during these conversations that a healthcare proxy can be identified, someone who has the authority to execute your decisions on your behalf.

Plans of care- Plans of care are customized by patients, families, and physicians, honoring patients’ personal needs and goals. Care plans are inclusive of, but not limited to clinical approaches and medications, details about assistance from the home health aide, volunteer involvement, and social work and spiritual support.

An important aspect of care provided by the hospice team is the education it gives to families and caregivers regarding how to provide hands-on care, presence, and in knowing what to expect as time goes on. Plans of care detail the education for frequent review with families and caregivers, so that all involved reach a satisfactory comfort level.

Hospice team- The hospice team is comprised of an RN case manager, Clinical Social Worker, Chaplain, Home Health Aide, and Volunteers. While all patients must receive case management through the RN, all other services, while offered, are not required.

The Clinical Social Worker provides ongoing support for the patient and/or family and can assist in advanced planning.

Chaplain services are provided for spiritual support as well as for another meaningful presence, important when someone seriously ill feels socially isolated.

The home health aide provides direct, hands-on care, assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing, and offers valuable companionship as well.

Our volunteers bring with them varied interests and talents. We strive to match patients and volunteers based on patients’ needs and desires as well as patient and volunteer compatibility.

Support- Bereavement support starts as soon as a patient signs on to hospice. Friends and family may be experiencing an unsettling array of feelings called anticipatory grief; a time when a loved one is seriously ill and friends and family may be thinking ahead of what life and life’s events will be without that person. The hospice team supports family and friends through anticipatory grief through conversation with members of the team, perhaps with the patient him/herself, and perhaps through life-affirming activities with which friends and family are comfortable. Often life review and other strategies are helpful.

Value hospice- Hospice is available as a 24/7 resource, for assistance with pain and symptom management, comfort care and support, and to provide expertise in quality end of life care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I need to go to receive hospice care?

A person can receive hospice services in their private home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living community.  Hospice is not a place but rather a philosophy and service delivery.

How is hospice paid for?

Hospice is a Medicare benefit, covering 100% of the costs for services, durable medical equipment, and medications associated with the hospice diagnoses.  Most private insurances and MA Health plans offer a hospice benefit.  The hospice team can research coverage and quickly inform you about coverage.

Is there a time limit for hospice?

While hospice is intended for those with a disease with approximately a six month life-limiting timeframe, patients can receive hospice services indefinitely, for as long as decline in condition is evident.  Periodic evaluations and review with physicians and patients occur to monitor qualification for hospice services.

What happens if I change my mind and I want curative treatment?

Should a patient’s condition improve or a patient decides to elect curative treatment, hospice services can be revoked without penalty of any kind.  Similarly, hospice services can resume at any time, as long as the patient meets qualifying criteria as decided by physicians.

How do I access hospice?

While physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals can recommend hospice, patients themselves along with family can also refer to Hallmark VNA and Hospice by simply calling us at any time at 781-338-7800.


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