By the end of this calendar year, Hallmark Health will have completed implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), online documentation for nursing and other ancillary departments as well as Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) at both its hospitals. These technologies are associated with Hallmark Health’s Safe Medication Administration and Recording through Technology (SMART) project.

These advances place Hallmark Health among the leaders of community hospitals across the state and throughout the country in introducing electronic records to provide added levels of safety to our patients.

Use of these types of technology has proven to significantly reduce medical errors and improve patient care overall by providing a series of online checks and balances.

CPOE, for example, allows direct entry of medical orders. Studies and research have shown that CPOE along with clinical decision support can prevent medication errors related to drug allergies, overdoses or interactions with other medications the patient may be taking. It also keeps a detailed record of care that contributes to better patient safety and improved health care quality and efficiency.

BMV ensures the right patients get the right medication at the right time. Using a handheld scanner, nurses and respiratory therapists scan a barcode found on patients’ wristbands and then scans the barcode on the medication label. The system is designed to do a cross-check to confirm the five rights of medication administration – the right patient, medication, dosage, route and time are correct. The implementation of this technology will give caregivers the confidence that they are providing the best in patient safety, while patients and families can be reassured they are getting the very best in health care.

“This has been a major undertaking for Hallmark Health, but well worth the time, effort and money spent,” said Carol Dresser, director of information services for Hallmark Health. “Research has shown that these technologies has proven to significantly reduce medical errors and improve patient care overall. Providing safe and quality care is what this project is all about.”

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Hallmark Health System is the premier, charitable provider of vital health services to Boston's northern communities. The system includes Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford, Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Melrose, Hallmark Health Cancer Center, Stoneham, and Hallmark Health Medical Center.

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