The following letter appeared in the Melrose Free Press:

As an individual who was blessed with good health all her life, I had aspirations and goals I wanted to reach after the passing of my husband, with regard to what I felt was a sick health care system we had during the years I was his caregiver.
And for the years I served as the Silver Legislature representative for Melrose and Wakefield, I saw my efforts and energy come into fruition. However, I never had a personal need to seek the services of our friends from the medical community until this year when I met three different medical issues that made me a patient of the Melrose-Wakefield hospital.

One was a 7-day stay, one a 7-hour stay, and the third a 2 ½- day stay. And it was after these three experiences I felt it was incumbent upon me to speak up and give personal praise for what I felt was a display of the most caring love and dedication to their chosen field I observed by every single doctor, nurse, aide, attendant, volunteer, receptionist, and maintenance person I had contact with.
It was obvious to me that these employees did not just go to work to do a job and pick up their pay. They went to give 100 percent plus and to go that extra mile for the patients in their charge.
Melrose is so blessed to have a medical facility that has attracted true angels of love and caring to be in our midst to take care of us when we are sick. Though late in my personal life and being a life-time resident of Melrose, I finally learned what a gift we have existing in our midst.
I believe Melrose has been abundantly blessed by the professionals who work at the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and should be honored as the number one hospital in our country.

Anne MacGillivray, Melrose Street, Melrose 


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