Caesarean Births

For mothers who deliver their baby by caesarean section, Melrose-Wakefield Hospital's Maternal-Newborn Services offer family-centered caesarean births.

Patient and physician feedback has shown that mothers who give birth via caesarean section, or C-section, have a very different experience than women who have natural births. Family-centered caesarean births include the use of clear surgical drapes that allow mothers to see their baby being born and to see and better communicate with their physician, facilitation of early skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby and delaying routine procedures until after first breastfeeding.

One of our families offered to share their experience as they took part in a family-centered C-section birth of their fourth child. We worked closely with Wakefield Community Access Television to document this option which brings the full birthing experience closer to families who need to have a C-section. This compelling and informative video can be viewed below.

You may also find this article, "Enhancing the birthing experience for local moms" to be of interest.

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