Patient Information

Care that makes you feel right at home

The moment you enter Melrose-Wakefield Hospital's Maternal-Newborn Service, you'll feel the welcome of a warm environment that's perfect for your child-birthing experience. That's because our service was designed to make your labor and delivery as comfortable as possible.

Private labor, delivery and recovery rooms

Our private labor/delivery/recovery rooms are designed to blend homelike, comfortable surroundings with the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

These spacious birthing suites offer the privacy and warmth of a homelike setting so you and your family can experience the miracle of birth together. While our birthing rooms offer the intimacy of home, you can be secure in the fact that our staff of physicians and nurses has advanced technology at their fingertips.


During your stay at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, a member of Hallmark Health System, our expert team of physicians, nurses, lactation consultants, social workers and others will work closely with you and your family to ensure that you are all off to the best possible start. From labor and delivery, to the day of discharge and beyond, you can count on the people and resources at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. They will care for your medical and emotional needs, help you develop the skills necessary to care for your newborn, and provide information about a variety of resources that will be helpful in your journey as a parent.

When you arrive to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, please go directly to the Labor and Delivery Unit on the second floor. This is a restricted area. To enter, please ring the bell at the entrance for assistance.

Your postpartum stay

Once you have rested after the birth, you, your partner and your baby will be moved to a fresh, quiet room. These homelike rooms are pleasantly decorated in soothing colors, with private bathrooms. It is beneficial to have a support person with you throughout your hospital stay so together you can learn to care for your newborn.

Baby’s first photos

During your stay, a photo hostess will stop by your room to discuss having your baby photographed as a keepsake. She will also discuss the new Web posting service, a secure Website that allows your baby’s photo to be posted on a special site for friends and family to view.

Meals/room service

Nutritious meals play an important role in your recovery. As an added benefit, we provide room service to all of our maternity patients. Please order meals for you and your partner by dialing for room service. Your nurse will provide a room service menu to you. Meals may be ordered between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. After this time (between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m.), light meals and refreshments are available.

Going Home

Discharge time from the hospital is 10 a.m. Your obstetric provider and your newborn’s pediatric care provider will see you before you go home.

Car seat information

You must have a car seat upon discharge from the hospital. By Massachusetts state law, any infant younger than one year of age and less than 20 pounds in weight must ride in a rear-facing seat in the back seat of a car. The seat should recline at a 45-degree angle to support the child’s head and neck. Purchase a car seat before your child is born and test it in your car to ensure compatibility.

News & Events

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