Safety and Security

Every parent wants to know that their baby is safe and secure in any setting. At Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, we have put many measures into place to ensure your infant’s safety during your hospital stay.

Safety tips

For safety reasons, keep your baby within sight while in your room and the bassinet next to your bed. Please do not carry your baby in your arms when walking in the hallway, use the bassinet.

  • Place your baby in his/her bassinet when you become drowsy, plan on sleeping, or when using the bathroom. Please call the nurse if you need help.
  • Do not leave your baby alone or unsupervised, even in your room. Your infant should be in his/her bassinet when not being held, fed or changed. When using the bathroom, close the door to your room, pull the bassinet over to the bathroom door, and leave the bathroom door open.
  • Never leave the baby alone on your bed. Newborns sometimes move around more than expected and can fall off of the bed.
  • Newborns do have some acquired immunity from infections. However, care must still be exercised. Please ask friends and family not to visit if they have a cold, diarrhea, a sore that has a discharge, or any contagious disease such as chicken pox or measles. Prior to contact with any newborn, visitors must wash hands thoroughly.


Security is of the utmost importance at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. All authorized hospital personnel will be wearing a pink photo identification badge where it can easily be seen. All maternity care providers have a large pink bar on their badge. Do not allow anyone who does not have this specially colored photo I.D. to take your baby. If you have any questions, please call for the nurse.

How the identification system works

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital uses a four-bracelet system to identify your infant. At the time of delivery, one bracelet is placed on each of your infant’s ankles. Another bracelet is placed on the mother’s wrist, and one is placed on the wrist of the father/support person designated by the mother.

Your infant’s identification bracelets are matched to the mother’s and father’s/support person’s when your infant is brought to your room and/or when you get your infant from the nursery. Bracelets are matched by the staff’s visual inspection and comparison of the name and numbers on each bracelet. You and the father/support person must wear the bracelet during the entire hospital stay.

Your infant will also have a bracelet with a security tag attached. A special signal transmits the exact location of the tag to a central monitor. For infant security and safety purposes, all infants are photographed within 24 hours of birth. Negatives are kept on file for 18 months. There is no financial obligation for this security measure.

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