Special Care Nursery

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital’s Special Care Nursery provides comprehensive nursing care and medical treatment for newborns requiring a higher level of care, scope of services and nurse-infant ratio than that available in the newborn nursery.

We are committed to providing these newborns, their parents and their families with the highest quality of care and services possible in a compassionate and supportive environment.

The Special Care Nursery is staffed 24 hours a day by neonatologists and specially trained neonatal registered nurses focused on providing the most technologically advanced care and support that is both "high tech" and "high touch."

Infants treated here also benefit from our affiliation with Tufts Medical Center. This partnership provides access to specialists in a wide range of areas including pediatric cardiologists, neurologists, surgeons and geneticists.

Our nursery cares for babies who are born premature or at a low birth weight, are twins or triplets, or have medical problems at birth. Our babies are either born here at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, another community hospital, or academic medical center in Boston. Babies can be readmitted to the Special Care Nursery any time within the first month of life.

Many of our babies begin their life in a Level III neonatal intensive care unit. As these babies grow and develop, they are transferred to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital's Special Care Nursery. Here, they can be closer to home making it easier for parents and families to visit and participate in the infant’s care.

We are committed to family-centered care and are eager to help you prepare for that special day when you will take your new son or daughter home.


  • Comprehensive medical and clinical team including a neonatologist, pediatrician, neonatal nurse, lactation consultant, physical therapist, social worker and audiologist.
  • Affiliation with the Tufts Medical Center
  • Access to respiratory therapists, nutritionists, geneticists and pediatric cardiologists
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • State-of-the-art cardiac and other health monitoring equipment
  • Infant security system

Home care services available after discharge through Hallmark Health VNA and Hospice, if needed.

Innovations: Maternal-Fetal Medicine helps high-risk pregnancies

Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a specialty of obstetrics that focuses on high-risk pregnancies stemming from maternal medical problems or fetal issues. Physicians who practice maternal-fetal medicine complete a general OB/GYN residency, followed by a three-year fellowship.


Risk management and monitoring

Our unique relationship with Tufts Medical Center enables our moms with high-risk pregnancies to see a perinatologist at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and to have their care co-managed by both Melrose-Wakefield Hospital and Tufts Medical Center physicians, if needed. Together, the physicians work to provide the best care for both mother and baby, alleviating the need to travel to Boston for specialized prenatal care. Specialized care may be needed if you expect a multiple birth or if you develop complications with your pregnancy. Extra monitoring is needed if problems are detected with the developing fetus.

Easing concerns with genetic counseling and testing

Genetic counselors at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital arrange appointments for blood tests, physician exams and amniocentesis. Our counselors then help interpret medical information about the genetic condition(s) of concern in your family. They continue to provide information and support after test results have been received.

If you or your partner has unanswered questions about diseases or traits in your families, you may benefit from our genetic counseling and testing service. You might be especially interested in this service if you are 35 years of age or older, have had a child with a birth defect, and if you or your partner have a family history of genetic problems, birth defects or mental retardation.

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