A commercial on the radio was the first step toward changing Elaine Baer’s life. The Danvers resident heard an advertisement for the Hallmark Health System Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery and called to make an appointment. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I was thin my whole life until I had kids,” said Baer, 55. “Once the kids came around the pounds did as well.”

Baer’s weight gain took a toll on all aspects of her life. She couldn’t roll over in bed without getting out of breath, her marriage was failing and she felt awful about herself all the time. In essence, being overweight was ruining Baer’s life.

“That was just so not me,” she said. “I was so disgusted with myself and ashamed I let it get that bad.”

Baer attended one of the Center’s information sessions and met its director, Andras Sandor, MD. She made an appointment with him and after discussing her options, decided to go forward with laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

It’s been almost two years and Baer’s life has completely changed. She has lost approximately 100 pounds and has a ton of energy. And Baer credits the Center for all of her success.

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Sandor and his staff,” she said. “They changed my life.”

Baer no longer has food cravings and her eating habits have completely changed. She is happy with the progress she’s made and will use the tools the Center gave her to maintain a healthy weight.  

“Nothing tastes better than thin,” said Baer. “I never want to go back.”

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