The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

In 2008, Hallmark Health System (HHS) joined over 600 healthcare organizations throughout the country in the DAISY Foundation. DAISY stands for “Diseases Attacking the Immune System”. The organization was founded November, 1999 in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 from complications of ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura).

The DAISY Foundation was established to honor nurses. The Barnes family was awestruck by the care and compassion Pat received from his nurses during his 8 week hospitalization. DAISY recognizes and says thank you to nurses by:
• Honoring the super-human work nurses do at the bedside every day.
• Funding research: The J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects
• Honoring nursing faculty: The DAISY Faculty Award

The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and its chapters collaborate to help expand DAISY to hospitals throughout the United States. American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) supports The DAISY Award for all Magnet® and Pathways to Excellence organizations – and those on the journey.

Who can nominate the Nurses? Nominations can be submitted by patients, families, colleagues, physicians, and other staff. The DAISY award is focused on the compassionate care and memorable moments nurses provide their patients … as well as great clinical skill. Every nomination tells a story.

Hallmark Health System DAISY Awards winners:

May 2008Talin Barsoumian, MSN, RN-BC West 3Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Kathy Ledoux, RNMedical 3Melrose Wakefield Hospital

August 2008Beth Reid, BSN, RN, PCCN Medical 5Melrose Wakefield Hospital
Marissa Tribble, RN West 2Lawrence Memorial Hospital

November 2008Jennifer Yap, BSN, RNMedical 5 Melrose Wakefield Hospital
Kathy Charbonnier, BSN, RN, CCRN West 3Lawrence Memorial Hospital

February 2009Gerry Goulet, BSN, RN South 1Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Barbara Harris, BSN, RN, PCCNMedical 3Melrose Wakefield Hospital

May 2009Marjorie Moss, BSN, RN, CCRNMedical ICUMelrose Wakefield Hospital
Michelle Harrington, BSN, RN, CCRN ICULawrence Memorial Hospital

October 2009Nicole Bates, BSN, RN, PCCNMedical 5Melrose Wakefield Hospital
Francesca Nepomuceno, ASN, RNWest 3Lawrence Memorial Hospital

March 2010Jennifer Ulicny, BSN, RN System Float TeamHallmark Health System

November 2010Hilary Otway, ASN, RN West 3Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Kellie Story, ASN, RNMedical ICUMelrose Wakefield Hospital

May 2011Karen Masucci, ASN, RN West 2Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Sharon Turcotte, BSN, RN-BC, CWS Staff DevelopmentHallmark Health System
Beverly Turino, RNMedical 3Melrose Wakefield Hospital

January 2012Mary Hughes, RNManaged CareMelrose Wakefield HospitalJulie Maloof, RNWest 3Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Jennifer Barnes, ASN, RN-BCMedical 6Melrose Wakefield Hospital

If you would like to share nominate a nurse, click here  and submit your story.

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