Professional Practice Model

The HHS professional practice model is the foundation of nursing practice, guides the nursing strategic plan, fosters the development of goals and is supported by the shared governance structure. The professional practice model drives how nurses practice, collaborate with other members of the healthcare team, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest quality patient care. The professional practice model is in alignment with and integrated with the nursing mission, vision and values. The philosophy of nursing at HHS is grounded in the passionate belief that the needs of the individual patient direct the nursing care received by the patient. Nursing care at HHS is patient-centered and characterized by a mutually respectful nurse-patient relationship and framed within the care delivery model- Synergy. The HHS Professional Practice Model consists of the shared governance structure, the professional recognition program, nursing peer review, the nursing quality plan and the synergy model of care. Professional Model components are held together and supported by HHS structure and processes outlined in policy and procedures, ANA Scope and Standards of Practice and the ANA Code of Ethics. The professional governance model maintains and enhances nursing practice through empowerment and point of service decision-making. Nurses at all levels are empowered to affect decision-making through the shared governance structure and the support provided by the Chief Nursing Officer.

Integrated with this professional practice model is the Synergy Model of care delivery, which describes a patient-nurse relationship that supports the primacy of patients. With this framework, patient needs are matched to a nurse’s level of expertise to deliver the best nursing care possible. Direct care nurses at HHS are actively involved with the development, application, evaluation, adaptation and modification of the professional practice model via strategic planning, the shared governance structure and participation on interdisciplinary committees and teams. To sustain their individual and collective commitment to excellence in nursing practice, HHS nurses continually evaluate the systems and structures that affect the care of patients. The review process includes appropriateness based on current scientific and nursing knowledge, relevant clinical, ethical and legal concerns and, as appropriate, findings from quality improvement and other evaluation methods.

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