Patient Instructions

When the screening process has been completed some patients maybe asked to change into a gown. We offer lockers to secure your valuables. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home.

You will then be escorted to the MRI scan room to begin your exam. You will be asked to lie on a padded table. It is important that you lie very still while the images are being taken. A MRI Technologist will be right outside the exam room and will be able to see and hear you the entire time. If you are uncomfortable, just say so and the technologist will be right in.

During the exam process the MR scanner makes a very loud repetitive noise. This process is a result of the changing of the magnetic field to collect the data. Earplugs are provided for you to minimize the sound.

When the exam is complete, you will be escorted back to your dressing room. Some patients may be asked to wait for their MRI pictures to bring with them back to their physician.

Who may not have an MRI scan?

Most patients with joint replacements or other orthopedic hardware do not present a problem and still can be scanned, but because MRI uses powerful Magnetic Fields, some patients may be excluded from having a MRI.

If any of the following conditions exist please notify us before your exam.

  • Cardiac Pacemaker
  • Cerebral Aneurysm Clips
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Implanted Insulin or Chemotherapy Pumps
  • Implanted Neuro-Stimulator Devices
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart Valve Replacements
  • Other Prosthetic Devices
  • Metal Fragments in Eye

What are my rights as a patient?

We are committed to maintaining the rights of patients and will assure patient confidentiality, dignity, privacy and the right for you to understand and consent to the test.

Can I receive copies of my MRI films and reports?

Upon your request, your films and reports are available for you to pick up. Please call us at 781-279-2213 to request copies.

Payment for my MRI scan

The charges for your scan are usually covered by Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, various HMO's and government employee programs, as well as by commercial insurance companies. As a courtesy, staff will verify your insurance coverage and inform you of any payment responsibility. For any balance, we accept MasterCard, Visa, personal checks or cash for payment. Please note that you will be billed separately by the Radiologist for interpretations of the exam.

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