Rhonda Rocco-Campbell, originally from Everett now residing in Bradford, never struggled with her weight until she had her second child. Like many women, she had trouble losing the pregnancy weight. Campbell dealt with the weight gain for years, often feeling frustrated and upset she let herself get to this point. That was until she ran into a family friend at a cookout, who recommended the Hallmark Health System Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery.

Campbell, 46, did some research and attended one of the Center’s information sessions at Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford where she met Andras Sandor, MD, the Center’s director. She was immediately taken with how nice and down to Earth he was and made an appointment to explore her options. Tests showed that Campbell, like many bariatric surgery patients, had high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as a mild case of sleep apnea. That was the deciding factor for her, she was having the surgery.

Campbell was afraid at first to tell people that she’d had surgery. She feared people would judge her, thinking she took the easy way by undergoing surgery instead of dieting and exercising.

Despite her feelings, Campbell knew she had made the right choice.

“I’ve been on Weight Watchers and I’ve been on Jenny Craig,” she said. “You name it I’ve done it, but nothing worked.”

It’s been almost a year since Campbell’s surgery and she looks and feels great! She has lost more than 80 pounds and was happy to report that Dr. Sandor didn’t recognize her at her last appointment.  

Campbell said having surgery was the best thing she ever did.

“I’m really happy and I just love life now,” she said. “I knew the body I was in wasn’t me. I owe everything to Dr. Sandor for giving me my life back! 

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