Your Visit With Us

Initial Vein Consultation

At your initial consultation at the Hallmark Health Vein Center a complete and comprehensive assessment of your vein symptoms will be performed. You will be greeted by the vein center patient liaison and nurse where a complete medical history is obtained, photographs are taken and measurements of your legs are completed. You will then meet one of our physicians who will perform a thorough examination, diagnose the nature of your condition and what if any, further evaluation is required.
Follow up visit 
If the initial consultation requires further assessment, a non-invasive duplex ultrasound of the superficial and deep venous system will be performed. This ultrasound allows our physicians to recommend the treatment best suited to your individual needs.

Venous Ultrasound
If your initial consult recommends further assessment, a duplex ultrasound scan may be necessary and a separate appointment will be scheduled. The ultrasound provides a visual window, revealing the diseased, refluxing veins beneath the skin’s surface. The diagnostic information from the ultrasound will help us pinpoint the exact cause of your venous sufficiency and enable us to customize a treatment plan for your individual needs.



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