Menounos, a Medford native, is a special correspondent for “Access Hollywood,” west coast contributor for “The Today Show,” correspondent on “NBC Nightly News” and celebrity ambassador for the American Diabetes Association. She will share her personal story about diabetes and how Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford played an important role in saving the life of a family member suffering from the disease.

In addition to her reporting, Menounos has appeared in numerous movies including “Tropic Thunder” with Ben Stiller and in television programs like “Entourage,” “Scrubs” and “One Tree Hill.” She is also the international spokesperson for Pantene Hair Products.

In addition to Menounos, the event will also feature radio and television personality Billy Costa as master of ceremonies and auctioneer for the live auction. Costa can be seen on the popular show “TV Diner” and heard on the number one radio show in the region, “Matty in the Morning” on KISS 108.

Other highlights of the evening will include a silent auction, a Judith Ripka jewelry bar, music, dancing, lavish fare and a raffle to meet the Red Sox and other Boston sports celebrities at the Jason Varitek Putt Putt Celebrity Golf Tournament.

To purchase tickets, visit and click on “The Gala” or call 781-979-6100.

Hallmark Health System is committed to providing comprehensive diabetes treatment and education programs throughout the health care system. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Education is key to curbing this dangerous trend and ensuring patients don’t develop some of the major complications that can result if diabetes is not managed properly. These include heart and kidney conditions as well as blindness and loss of limbs.

While some people with Type 2 diabetes experience symptoms, others may go seven to 10 years without showing any signs or symptoms. It is critical patients contact their primary care doctor and get tested if they experience any of the following: frequent urination, unquenchable thirst, weight loss, weakness or fatigue, tingling or numbness in hands, legs or feet. A simple blood test can determine whether or not a patient is diabetic.

Hallmark Health treats adult patients who have Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational diabetes with a comprehensive program including education, support and management. Patients will also have the benefit of attending monthly group education classes to discuss topics like exercise, health habits, meal plans and much more. Classes will be offered during the day and in the evening.

For more information about Hallmark Health, visit or follow us on Twitter at

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