Volunteering isn't the easiest thing you can do - but it's the most rewarding. At Hallmark Health System (HHS) volunteers play a vital role in our mission to deliver high quality patient care. As a volunteer, you are an important addition to the team, working with our patients, their families and our staff.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford and Melrose-Wakefield Hospital offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities to meet your skills, interests and schedules. Our adult volunteers assist in a variety of areas: patient areas, cancer care center, reception, general stores, clerical and much more! 

Teens make the right call to help reach Lifeline subscribers: Since July 2015, Hallmark Health Teen Volunteers have been working diligently to reduce the number of Lifeline subscribers that do not complete a monthly test of their Lifeline unit. These tests ensure that not only the Lifeline system in the home works properly should the subscriber need help, but also fulfills an expectation of insurers who pay for these services.

To address this challenge, the Lifeline office manager and manager of volunteers, trained a group of teens to make scripted calls to subscribers. From “pinky swears” to “promise me you will,” the teens are warm and friendly, but don’t take no for an answer. Elders enjoy speaking with these polite young adults and become motivated to help the teens be successful with their calls by completing their monthly testing. 

Eileen Dern, director of Community Services, states “ the young adults making the calls are learning new ways to communicate with elders and the Lifeline subscribers appreciate knowing that they are valued and remembered by youth in their community. The program has value to both groups. Thank you to Anne Marie and the teen volunteers. We couldn’t do this work without you!”

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For more information about Volunteering, contact

Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford
Tracy Murray

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
Anne Marie Sirois

Allison Caplin
Volunteer Coordinator

To apply to become a Volunteer, click link below to complete our online application.





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